The Organic Apprentice

sowing the seeds of learning!


The following list are the many skills I will be taught over the course of the apprenticeship. Some skills will be used more often than others and I may find new skills to learn that are not on the list. In any case, this should give you a good idea of what I will be doing!

  • Understanding and Operating the Earthway Seeder
  • Green Manuring (Specific Types of Green Manures and what they are useful for)
  • Application of green manures (Undersowing, Broadcast, Overwintering vs Winterkill)
  • Basics of Certification
  • Crop Rotation Principles
  • Financial Record Keeping (Farming Income Statement if interested, Budgeting/Finances)
  • Details to consider when starting a farm
  • Crop Planning, Record Keeping, Planting Schedule
  • Crop specific practices (potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, artichokes, cucumbers, zucchini; these vegetables and more!)
  • Running a Market Stand
  • Operating Rototiller+Small Engine Maintenance
  • Operating Tractor+Tractor Maintenance
  • Seed-bed preparation
  • Planting
  • Soilblocks and seeds
  • Thinning and proper spacing
  • Pruning
  • Weeding (Flame Weeder, Colinear hoe, wheel hoe, Stale Seed Beds)
  • Harvest (efficient harvesting techniques)
  • post harvest handling of each crop (hydro-cooling, storage methods for each crop)
  • Organic Pest Management
  • Running the CSA [Community Supported Agriculture program] (includes Organizing Harvest + Loading Bags, newsletter management and sign up process)
  • Season Extension (greenhouse, low tunnels, row covers, choosing the right crops)
  • Making compost
  • Compost tea (making and applying)
  • Transplant Handling (Growing, spacing, light, heat, water, planting)
  • Soil-blocking (making mix, making blocks, seeding blocks)
  • Tool care
  • Greenhouse Construction
  • Scything and scythe sharpening
  • Marketing streams: CSA, farmer’s market, restaurants, wholesale, health food stores

One thought on “Lessons

  1. This is so fantastic Mattson! Congrats on the internship. I know you are going to learn so much.

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