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June 26, 2014

This time last year I was 7 weeks into the 16 that I spent at Bantry Bay Farm. What a whirlwind of a year that the summer has come again so quickly! This year I decided to set some roots out into my environment and develop my professional, career-oriented, skills set. Working full-time has meant a reexamination of how I use my time, what I do during that time, and what I want to do to grow as a person. It also means that I’m spending my first summer in the city since… well, EVER.

I know there is plenty going on in Montreal during the summer and I am very excited to see some shows at Jazz fest, hit up the tams on the Mountain, host BBQs, and engage in other summer fun. ON TOP OF ALL THAT, I’ve been keeping a pretty decent suburban garden too!

So obviously I’ll be sharing more about gardening than other summer exploits. I’m gardening for the fun of it so any learning done in the process is a bonus!!


February 14, 2013

Well, I have confirmed my apprenticeship at the Bantry Bay Farm, an organic farm on the Bay of Fundy, just this past week. I’ll be starting around May 1st and finishing around October 31st! Its a good 6 month block of time but it will be a great opportunity to spend time caring for the crops, helping with the harvests, and exploring the nearby town of St.Andrews.

As a learning experience I want to use this apprenticeship to gain valuable knowledge concerning my own interests in nature-assisted therapy and the running of programs such as healing gardens. Not only will the agricultural knowledge be practically useful but I will be taking note of aspects of farming that I believe could be beneficial to ailing populations. If I do or see something I feel can be related to my area of study I’ll be taking note of it and sharing it through this site.

I’m going to aim to update the blog at least 2 to 3 times a week! It will act as a sort of apprentice’s journal. My hope is that others will find my experience as interesting as I undoubtedly will. By documenting some of the occurrences and lessons learned I hope to find ideas and activities that will be applicable to Therapeutic Recreation.

Here is a rough outline of how I hope to structure my entries:

  1. What happened today? I’ll be sure to include activities and tasks done during the day, challenges faced and obstacles overcome, as well as anything special I think warrants mentioning.
  2. What did I learn today? This may require more than a simple blog post at times but I hope to simplify some of the lessons enough to share them.
  3. How can I apply the day’s experiences to Therapeutic Recreation (TR)? I do not expect to learn a new TR lesson every day but expect that there will be still be ways to link horticulture to program methods and academic theories. I’ll also use this to cover possible activity adaptations, environmentally responsible programming, and other relevant topics.
  4. How did I feel after working today? This is more for the fun than the academics. At the end of the day I’ll make mention of how I feel after doing the work I’m doing. I will try hard to ensure this is more creative than “I am tired” although I expect that may be a common theme at times!
I found this in an article I was reading and my name jumped out at me! No, it's not actually ME. But what a coincidental place to see myself "mentioned"

I found this in an article I was reading and my name jumped out at me! No, it’s not actually ME. But what a coincidental place to see myself “mentioned”


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