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Just Ploughin’

Last week began with two of the ‘farmiest’ activities I can imagine: pulling potatoes and ploughing a field! 

I was enjoying the open spaces and warm sun so I decided to take a quick video (POV perspective mostly) from the driver’s seat!


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Chainsawing… FARMSTYLE

The following video is a record of my first experience using a chainsaw. Although I have had long-time exposure to chainsaws I have never had any in-depth lessor on how to use one. Regardless, I rarely find myself thinking “Boy, I sure wish I had something to chainsaw right now” anyway.

The video is 9 minutes (or almost) from start to finish. I encourage you to at least watch maybe the first two minutes  for entertainment and demonstration value. From that point on, or thereabouts, it is just a lot of me being rugged and manly.