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“Dixit” Disturbances

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It’s incredible what you can learn about yourself through simple recreation sometimes. Last night six of us gathered around the kitchen table and played a couple of board games. With Sarah leaving today at some point and Chrissy arriving for the month there was much to celebrate! The two games we got to were Dixit and Apples to Apples.

Both games have a similar rules system where players interpret a word or image with their own word or image. I have played Apples to Apples before and find that the wordage and vocabulary makes for an abstract yet still rules-driven game. Dixit on the other hand seemed much more ambiguous in it’s rules and arbitrary in it’s rulings. 

I have nothing against creative or abstract games. However, Dixit did not sit well with me. I felt uneasy and uncomfortable with the game. I used the word “guarded” to describe the feeling at the time. I couldn’t understand what about this quirky board game was making me dislike it. Perhaps it is my history of Dungeon and Dragons playing as that game runs on a distinct rules system with objective methods for making decisions (rolling dice, skill modifiers, etc.). Rules systems with clearly defined parameters tend to make it easier for me to engage with the game. Dixit was just TOO open-ended for my liking. Call me a game purist but it lacked the comfort of a rigid set of rules by which to play and judge player progress.Image


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I'm a Therapeutic Recreation student who loves nature, wind, coffee, and playing in dirt.

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