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Day 60: Time to Get Semi-Serious

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So today is my 60th day at Bantry Bay Farm since arriving on May 1st! Today is a great day, the rain is holding off while I’ve spent the morning writing program ideas and laying about. Today also marks the approach of the second half of my apprenticeship. I feel that I should truly begin focusing on the Therapeutic Recreation aspects of farming. I have been writing down ideas for TR programs over the course of the past two months. Not to mention the buzz of new thoughts and cool ideas that stream into my head every now and again. Farming provides great inspiration for writing both creatively and seriously. 

So looking ahead to July and August you can expect:

  • More TR program ideas!
  • More TR-Farm crossover posts!
  • More photos!
  • More video posts!
  • More CSA days!

I’m really going to push my posting on the weekends and aim for an average of 3 during the course of the work week. 

On top of blogging, farming, and being a pretty cool cat I am also getting ready to start looking for a job upon my return to Montreal. I’m looking forward to seeing what these next two months bring. Undoubtedly they will continue to keep me busy on my adventures through organic agriculture!


Author: mattsongrif

I'm a Therapeutic Recreation student who loves nature, wind, coffee, and playing in dirt.

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