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I’ve found that time on the farm passes extremely quickly. The morning passes before you know it, pretty soon afterwards the afternoon finds a way to sneak past you. Of course some days feel a bit longer than others. However, overall I’ve found that with fewer distractions than in the city I can focus more on tasks while here at Bantry Bay Farm. Because of this focus I get into more of a state of flow. The problem arises when that focus is broken; sometimes by the weather, the view, or a simple curiosity. These interruptions are, thankfully, brief and do not seem to interfere with my ability to remain focused on task. However, occasionally other more formidable distractions arise that I have a harder time ignoring.

I thought I had successfully avoided any form of attachment or distraction before I left Montreal. But as it turns out sometimes distractions have a way of finding you.

One of the questions about farming that I hadn’t really ever considered asking anybody was “How do farmers meet people?” If you consider the lifestyle of a farmer they are left with little time to mingle. Yet, many farmers appear to live happy and successful family lives.

Let’s put aside hookers, craigslist, and beer goggles for a moment. The only way I can imagine anybody living a farm lifestyle meeting somebody special would be by pure, natural, unaltered coincidence (consider it “organic coincidence” if you will). Maybe this is enough for most people. I think that maybe organic coincidence is also the greatest way to meet people. It’s like the universe throwing you a candy bar and/or high-five and saying “Here you go, just because you rock dude.” It’s nice to feel as if the universe is on your side especially when what it offers is truly something special.

So as much as I have been distracted at times these past couple of weeks I can’t help but continue to enjoy my time at Bantry Bay Farm. The flowers are out, crops are thriving, the air is fresh, and life continues to be good!

Author: mattsongrif

I'm a Therapeutic Recreation student who loves nature, wind, coffee, and playing in dirt.

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