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CSA week #2



Today was already the second week of CSA pickups. This week members go home with Chinese cabbage, romaine lettuce, young lettuce mix, radishes, and broccoli!

I woke up extra early to help with harvest. Considering that the wwoofers left yesterday (and we miss them a lot) as well as Katherine being away, and Luke caring for Finn there was much work to be done by Mike, Aaron, and myself. Luckily, Matt (roommate at the farmhouse, Bantry Bay Keeper, and awesome dude) was able to assist for a little time in the morning. I think everybody really appreciated the comfort of their bed by the end of the day though.



Author: mattsongrif

I'm a Therapeutic Recreation student who loves nature, wind, coffee, and playing in dirt.

2 thoughts on “CSA week #2

  1. Broccoli already!!! You will sleep well tonight;)

  2. Holy cabbage, Mattman! What, no wwoofer pics?

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