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4 Chickens, 6 Days, 1 Raccoon…

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So, it has been a busy few days at Bantry Bay Farm. Over the weekend we had our Open Farm Day where members of the CSA came for tours of the farm. We had maybe 15 people show up in the afternoon. I myself gave a tour, it was fun “showing off” the farm. It’s amazing how proud I can be of the place after only a month of being here! 

That was some weekend excitement. It would have been nice to keep that energy going into the week but unfortunately Monday started off on a sour note. 

Late last night, maybe 2:00AM, I heard some chicken-related noises that had me out of bed. I almost went to check on them but heard nothing further for a while and decided to go back to sleep…. I should have checked on them. Upon leaving the house to start work Aaron and I found  the remains of our four chickens. It was a hard lesson to learn but it really reinforced what everyone had been telling us as rule #1 for raising chickens: DON’T LET ANYTHING KILL THEM (Luke, right now sitting across the table from me, says “Didn’t I tell you guys that?”).

IF we decide to start anew with four different chickens we will definitely be keeping the safety of the chickens more in mind in the future. However, we may wait a little before buying more as we doubt the woman we bought them from would be impressed with our ability to kill chickens within a week’s time. 

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I'm a Therapeutic Recreation student who loves nature, wind, coffee, and playing in dirt.

One thought on “4 Chickens, 6 Days, 1 Raccoon…

  1. That’s too bad, Matt. Maybe you should just stick to growing plants…? Hope all else goes great! Love ya! Dad

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