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Hard Work & Hard Play

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One of the lessons from my studies of leisure and recreation that has stuck with me is the relation of work and leisure. Some people would say that without work we cannot appreciate leisure. There is another belief that either one can exist perfectly fine without the other. So consider this for a moment: Would you appreciate your leisure time if you never had to work again in your life?

This kind of thinking can lead into several directions. The avenue of thought that sparked this post came from the weekend I made my keyhole garden. Although thoroughly enjoyable to build it also took a tremendous amount of effort. This kind of physically difficult leisure makes defining leisure as “any activity done for it’s enjoyment” problematic. It is important to keep in mind that leisure and recreation can sometimes be difficult while still being enjoyable.

What I really noticed after my ‘work weekend’ was that returning to regular apprentice work on Monday was not as difficult as it had been weeks before. I don’t mean difficult as in “oh my lifting this 1000 pound bag is so easy!” (although I can totally lift that) but more “Oh wow I don’t mind my weekend being over as much as I would otherwise.” 

I will be keeping this sort of work-leisure relationship in mind as the amount of small tasks to complete during my spare time increases (chickens, keyhole garden, rainwater collector, etc.) All-in-all, I believe that just because something is difficult does not mean it cannot be enjoyable. 

Author: mattsongrif

I'm a Therapeutic Recreation student who loves nature, wind, coffee, and playing in dirt.

One thought on “Hard Work & Hard Play

  1. You are lifting a thousand pounds?? What are they feeding you? I think this experience will train you well for parenthood as weekend leisure time is often hard work! I think what you are also saying is that your leisure time was hard work but you felt accomplished and satisfied at the end of the day which made it worthwhile.
    Love hearing from you Matt.

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