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One Week!

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Aaron and I are still waiting to install the internet router at our cottage on the farm. Customer service to rural New Brunswick is pretty slow and the soonest they can deliver the router (and have a technician ready to install it) is May 16th. Once that happens my posts will become more frequent. I’ve been trying to write blog posts out onto Word documents so I can connect to the web and update my site more easily for the time being.

We’ve been doing lots of planting this past week. We have transplanted: lettuce, leeks, onions, scallions, broccoli, brussel sprouts, Pok Choy, tomatoes, cucumber, and zucchini. We are waiting for the temperatures at night to rise into more comfortable levels so we can put more crops out into the fields. If I had to estimate a number of seedlings we have transplanted I can only begin to imagine. For an idea of how many we’ve been dealing with, today we planted about 350 tomato plants (of various kinds like Yellow Taxi, Green Zebra, Pink Beauties, etc.), maybe 50 zucchinis, and around 75 cucumbers. We filled the smaller of the two main greenhouses with tomato plants, it is an amazing sight!

I’ve been enjoying the physical nature of much of the work at BantryBay. I don’t think I’ve ever had as good a shoulder workout as I did today digging holes with a post digger for seedling blocks. The work is hard but rewarding. I may do a later post on just HOW physically demanding the work can be as I don’t believe many people reaaaaaally understand just how much is involved in running a farm. And we’re only cultivating about 2 acres total!

My living arrangements on the farm have been working out great. I share a small (but not too small) pre-fab log cabin with the other apprentice Aaron. We have our own bathroom, kitchen, deck, garden, living room, and a spectacular view of a field featuring cherry, pear, and apple trees! The sky seems to really open up as we are atop a hill so stargazing at night is definitely going to warrant its own post. Needless to say, I have it pretty swee

A Typical Day
7:30AM – wake up and eat breakfast
8:00AM – meet at farm house for the day’s briefing
8:15-12:00PM – Work
12:00-1:15PM – Lunch
1:15-5:00PM –Work
(Apprentices are off after 5:00PM)
6:30PM – Dinner
(After dinner apprentices have the rest of the evening to themselves)

Weekends are 100% free time.

Some days are going to include harvesting certain crops, preparing CSA  bags for pick-up (a program where member of the community pay into receiving a bag of fresh produce once a week for the duration of the season), or selling produce at the farmer’s market in St.Andrews. During work hours apprentices may be preparing soil beds, watering crops, transplanting from greenhouse to field, working in one of the three greenhouses, or anything else that needs doing. There is certainly no shortage of work to be done by all 

You may ask yourself: “With all this work you must be REALLY aching and tired by the end of the day, right?” The work is obviously demanding at times but at the end of the day I feel as if I have led a productive and enjoyable day of working outdoors, been close to the Earth, and improving myself. Hopefully everything keeps going as swell as they are now!

Author: mattsongrif

I'm a Therapeutic Recreation student who loves nature, wind, coffee, and playing in dirt.

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