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Who doesn’t love fun and games?: Taking the road less travelled when treating mental illness

A short article a friend wrote concerning the field of Therapeutic Recreation. Asks some good questions and should provide insight into TR for people unfamiliar with the profession.

Cee Beats - On the Beat

“This is why I don’t come to the gym on Mondays,” the lady in front of me whispered as I was finishing up her membership renewal. I paused for a moment, glanced towards the conference room, then continued my work on the computer screen in front of me. I was taken aback; appalled, frustrated, embarrassed, so many thoughts ran through my mind I didn’t know which to vocalize first. I remained relatively quiet, handed the woman her gym membership card and watched her walk out the front door without another word.

I took a moment to look back at the conference room. There were about thirty people in the room; some loud, some quiet, some tall, some short, some women, some men. They all had one thing in common. Each had an intellectual disability.

The West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped visits the YMCA in Pointe-Claire every Monday to…

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He who plants a garden…sows happiness! (click here for a link to the Jardin Potager website)

I’m providing a link to a site that provided me with several interesting seed varieties this past winter. Although my indoor grow area was limited by it’s small size I managed to grow some Royal Burgundy Beans with great success. Some of their vegetable varieties are very different than what you may be accustomed to finding in the local supermarket. I find it refreshing and exciting to grow such varieties. They turn the process of growing and consuming produce into an adventure of new experiences of color, flavor, and texture!

Royal Burgundy Bean plant

The site is in French but may be translated by your browser (depending on your browser)