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Nothing but Green Thumbs

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One of the most significant reasons I had for becoming a farm apprentice stemmed from my love of growing plants.I don’t believe that having the proverbial ‘green thumbs’ is entirely necessary to working in agriculture. However, I don’t doubt that it can only help!

For the past few years I have grown plants indoors during the winter as a means of brightening up my room and keeping me sane during the long Canadian winters. Having living plants around acts as a sort of oasis during the months when most people would really rather not venture outdoors. Without getting into the merits of horticultural therapy I simply believe that this hobby of mine has a lot of benefits that I did not initially anticipate.

The plants that I’ve grown include:

  • Sweet Dani Basil (lemony), Siam Queen Basil (thai), Dark Opal Basil, Sweet Basil.
  • Catnip
  • Peppermint (a great home-made tea!)
  • Catgrass (which the cats ate incessantly at times)
  • Lemonbalm (a rather pesky plant which can easily take over a garden, very fragrant lemony scent)
  • Thyme (I had best success with thyme when I cut the top 3/4 of a 2L coke bottle and cut holes all over it. The thyme grew wildly when I put this overtop of the plant)
  • Borage
  • Sage (I love the silvery leaves and look of sage, but am not actually overly fond of its scent)
  • Black Eyed Susan microdot vine (I had this grow up a triangle lattice during the summer, really nice white flowers that grew rapidly)
  • Thai Chili Peppers (an F1 hybrid species, considered Ultra Hot… those who tasted them could attest to this!)
  • Royal Burgundy Peas
  • Chamomile (flowers are highly fragrant, makes for amazing tea!)

Below are some images of the projects I have undertaken in the past. The basil plants were the highlight of the 2011 project. Since then I have moved the grow space out of my closet and made a more permanent structure for it. The shelves cost $17, the fans (not visible in the photo) cost $20 for the 2 PC fans and AC-DC adapter, the lights are about $45 total (42 watt x2, 23 watt x3, all warm white).

My BASIL MONSTER on the left, my closet box Winter 2011 grow project in the middle, and my current Winter 2013 grow shelves on the right!

My BASIL MONSTER on the left, my closet box Winter 2011 grow project in the middle, and my current Winter 2013 grow shelves on the right!


Author: mattsongrif

I'm a Therapeutic Recreation student who loves nature, wind, coffee, and playing in dirt.

One thought on “Nothing but Green Thumbs

  1. Please post more! I am a zero waste enthusiast and as it turns out, being able to grow things is pretty important when trying not to produce trash, lol. Come check it out!

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